And She Told Two Friends is an ongoing collaboration that scrutinizes the continued dominance of the heterosexual male point of view in shaping images of women. As female artists, we control the frame and generate images that reorient the role of the female subject from passive to active.

Images of women that we consume on a daily basis ––through television, film, advertising, journalism, fine art, etc.–– are framed by men. And have been for hundreds of years. The pervasiveness of these images has created a self-perpetuating cycle in which women become what they see, and so on and so on and so on

In this group of photographs we reference familiar themes in the lexicon of the male gaze, many of which are common to the point of cliche ––women bathing, women as barmaids, women in the garden, girls on couches.

The women in these photographs take up their familiar positions but instead of remaining the passive vessels of erotic visual pleasure that we have come to expect, they actively address their visualization by giving the finger to the viewer. The simple insertion of an obscene gesture, a signifier of aggression, into the frame serves to disrupt these pictorial tropes. 

The project is both subversive and playful in its attempt to rebut the presumption of the male gaze and its subliminal aspiration toward perpetuating its own agenda. The images defy the way we've been conditioned to receive them.
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